Faculty Feature: Sara Langworthy in CODE(X)+1 #14: “Lines of Force: The Hand, The Book, and the Body Electric”

Professor Sara Langworthy’s book “On Physical Lines” is featured in the new CODEX Monograph publication, an essay by Betty Bright taken from her symposium lecture at CODEX 2017.

As Bright sums up, “Historians love pivot points, those times when energies converge and the future can unfold in strikingly different directions. Life seems so unknowable and chaotic on the near side of a shift, and then, ten years on, events seem to have aligned into the only possible outcome. I believe that the book arts are, once again, at such a pivot point"

CODE(x)+1 #14: Lines of Force: The Hand, The Book, & The Body Electric is now available online at the Codex Foundation, and features additional works by contemporary book artists Sarah Bryant and Sarah Hulsey.

For more information about Sara Langworthy’s work, visit her website: http://www.slangworthy.com/
For more on the CODEX Monograph series, check out: www.codexfoundation.org/publications/monograph-series