With a newly renovated classroom studio in North Hall, Papermaking has joined the other student facilities at the Center. The studio is outfitted with a Reina hydraulic press, washer-equipped 2 lb. beater, and a vacuum table. Additional equipment includes a Valley beater, standing screw press, stack dryer, loft drying racks, 5 vats, and an assortment of Western and Japanese-style moulds for making up to 3.5 by 7 foot sheets. Papermaking courses are held in 29 North Hall.

Professional paper production takes place at the UICB Paper Production and Research Facility on the Oakdale Campus.

Courses are taught by Nicholas Cladis and visiting artists. Check listings at MYUI for course availabilities and offerings; enter "UICB"  in the course subject field, then click on "Search."


Conceptual and methodological approaches to 2-D and 3-D paper works; students create a body of works that couple the unique properties of paper-pulp medium with personal visual ideas and clarity of intent; contemporary issues in paper pulp and the medium's relationship to larger art and craft contexts.

This course follows closely the historic spread of papermaking throughout East Asia and the Himalayas, while also examining contemporary papermaking techniques associated with these regions. A significant portion of the class will be spent on Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese papermaking techniques, such as sheet formation with a removable bamboo screen and pulp pouring. Concurrent readings followed by discussions of related history and aesthetics are included. The final segment of the class consists of special projects selected by the student and approved by the instructor.

History, technique, and aesthetics of traditional European and Central & West Asian hand papermaking.

Contemporary papermaking studio practice and conceptual considerations; focus on nontraditional techniques and cross-disciplinary use of paper fibers and handmade paper; handmade paper as a form of artistic expression.

In this advanced papermaking course, students will begin by honing their nagashizuki skills, while also looking at alternative, decorative modes of papermaking utilizing our Iowa-grown kozo and other local fibers. The course will then move into paper production projects that draw from a variety of global traditions and contemporary practices. Final projects will be unique to each student, with the goal of synthesizing paper production, innovation, and research. Concurrent readings and discussions will include topics such as traditional papermaking societies, present-day studio spaces, and papermaking tools.

Advanced independent projects undertaken in a classroom setting; collaborative group discussions to plan, implement, troubleshoot, and evaluate student projects.


  • Reina 50 ton press and rolling cart
  • Reina vacuum table
  • Reina 2lb beater with washer
  • Valley beater
  • Standing book binding screw press
  • 5 vats of various sizes to fit small to 22 by 30 inch moulds
  • 2 small Japanese vats with maze mixers
  • 1 laid mould, 22 by 30
  • 1 laid mould, 14 by 20
  • 1 laid mould, 18 by 24
  • 1 wove mould, 14 by 20
  • 1 wove mound, 21 by 29
  • 2 Japanese moulds, 11 by 17 inches
  • 2 Japanese moulds, 22 by 20
  • 3 Indo Islamic moulds, deckle sticks and chapri, 11 by 15 inches
  • 3 canvas stretcher moulds and coverings
  • 3 deckle boxes, 8.5 by 11
  • 1 deckle box, 18 by 24
  • 3 small stretched mesh wove moulds, 8 by 10
  • 2 giant nagashizuki moulds, 40 by 84 inches
  • Wide assortment of press boards
  • Wide assortment of felts and interfacings
  • Electric dryer for drying Japanese-style sheets, 3 drying brushes
  • Gram scale
  • Baby scale
  • Stack dryer with fan
  • Guillotine paper cutter
  • Refrigerator
  • 2 photo trays
  • 15 drawer flat file
  • 4 standing wire shelf racks
  • Instructors desk and chair
  • 2 file cabinets
  • Complete run of student final project reports starting in 1987
  • 3 by 4 foot light box
  • Hand beating table and 2 pair mallets; one large beating stick
  • 20 4 gallon buckets
  • 10 plastic garbage buckets
  • 4 hot plates
  • Marble drying rack
  • 3 folding tables
  • 16 stacking chairs
  • 5 shelf sheet pulp storage unit
  • Blender