The Kolarik Book Studio is located in North Hall, along with our papermaking and print studios. Kolarik is a fully equipped bindery with open workspace in which binding and artist book classes are held. Equipment includes two board shears, several kutrimmers, guillotine, standing press, nipping presses, job backer, sewing frames, plough, foil stamper and drill press.

Kolarik Book Studio

Kolarik Bookbinding Studio

Kolarik Bookbinding Studio (classes and student use), 16 North Hall, 319-335-1282
Supervisor: Julie Leonard, Associate Professor (UICB/SLIS)

Digital Book Arts

A digital workspace is located in North Hall, adjacent to the binding, papermaking, and printing classrooms. Dedicated to UICB graduate student use, the lab is outfitted with seven 21.5 inch iMac computers equipped with current versions of Adobe Creative Cloud software. 


a student sits at a computer

Digital Lab

Graduate student dedicated space, 15 North Hall
Supervisor: Julie Leonard, Associate Professor (UICB/SLIS)

Lettering Arts

Courses are led by Cheryl Jacobsen and range from training in traditional calligraphic hands to creative letter arts courses. 




Calligraphy classes are offered every semester in general classrooms equipped with large table space and audio-visual equipment. 


With a newly renovated classroom studio in North Hall, Papermaking has joined the other student facilities at the Center. The studio is outfitted with a Reina hydraulic press, washer-equipped 2 lb. beater, and a vacuum table. Additional equipment includes a Valley beater, standing screw press, stack dryer, loft drying racks, 5 vats, and an assortment of Western and Japanese-style moulds for making up to 3.5 by 7 foot sheets. Papermaking courses are held in 29 North Hall.



UICB Research and Production Paper Facility

Building 243 Oakdale Campus, 319-335-4410
Papermaking Classroom, 29 North Hall
Supervisor: Nick Cladis, Lecturer


Two letterpress studios are located in North Hall. Letterpress print classes meet in the Type Kitchen, which has a Vandercook Universal 1 and two Vandercook SP-15 presses. Advanced students and faculty have access to the Graduate Studio where there are three Vandercook SP-20s. Between the two studios there are over 600 cases of type available, including Joanna, Bembo, Gill Sans, Spectrum, and a number of cases of wooden type.

Two people print on two vandercook proof presses

Printing Studios

Graduate Studio, 27 North Hall
Type Kitchen (classes and student use), 9 & 13 North Hall
Supervisor: Sara Langworthy, Associate Professor (UICB/SLIS)