The UICB does not at this time offer an undergraduate degree or certificate, but there are significant opportunities for undergraduates to add dimension to their majors in English, art, journalism, history, and other areas by taking center courses in the book crafts and book studies. An area of concentration within the Bachelor of Arts in Interdepartmental Studies (link is external) may include an emphasis on the book arts or on the cultural and historical aspects of the book.

Students are invited to explore the Center's resources and to talk with their advisors about enrollment in Center courses.

Those interested in exploring one or more book arts or book studies courses who are not pursuing a degree program may take a UICB course that is offered by being accepted to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences as a non-degree student and taking up to 2 regular university courses.

A list of all UICB courses can be found here or you can go to MYUI (link is external) under Courses and, at the "course subject" field, typing in "UICB"  to see the courses that are offered for a specific semester.