The UICB utilizes a grading system that includes pluses and minuses. The UICB GPA is calculated using grades for all courses taken at the University of Iowa that can be applied to the student's plan of study, regardless of whether they exceed what courses are needed to complete the degree. The GPA is used as a component in making financial aid awards and in determining academic performance for meeting the 3.0 grade point requirement for graduation.  

The plus/minus system is translated into grade points according to the policy in effect for the University, as follows:  

A+ = 4.33, A = 4.00, A- = 3.67, B+ = 3.33, B = 3.00, B- = 2.67

C+ = 2.33, C = 2.00, C- = 1.67, D+ = 1.33, D = 1.00, D- = 0.67, F = 0

The UICB GPA may differ from the official GPA because the UICB GPA only includes courses on the university transcript that can be applied to the UICB degree. In those cases when a student has re-taken a required or concentration course, the second course grade will replace the first grade and will be used in computing the UICB GPA. 

Although a grade of A+ will have a value of 4.33 in computing a student's grade-point average, the cumulative average will be truncated so as not to exceed 4.00

Marks Carrying Graduate Credit. These are A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- and S-satisfactory.

Marks Carrying No Graduate Credit. These are D+, D, D-, F, I-incomplete, AUU (audit unsuccessful), AUS (audit successful), and U-unsatisfactory. 

Incomplete Courses 

Students should make every effort to complete their coursework during the semester of registration. Occasionally students find it necessary to take an incomplete in a course due to illness, accident, or other circumstances beyond the student's control. Students will make a plan and fill out the UICB Incomplete Course Form in consultation with the instructor regarding what is required and when it is due in order to change the incomplete to a letter grade. The Office of the Registrar’s policy is that an Incomplete will automatically be converted to an “F” at the end of the next full semester (winter session excluded), even if the student does not enroll after the session the “I” was posted. To change a grade that has become an "F," approval by the instructor, the UICB Director, and the collegiate dean is required. Only in exceptional cases will grade changes be approved at this point. 

Submitting work required to remove an incomplete just prior to the Registrar’s deadline is not recommended. If it is determined that revisions or additions to this work are necessary, a student could miss the deadline. Sufficient time for review and grading should be allowed, and extra burdens should not be placed on instructors at busy periods.

Courses may not be repeated to remove incompletes; removal of an "I" is accomplished only through the completion of the specific work for which the mark is given.

Probational Status

Student progress at the UICB is monitored by the Director of Graduate Studies. One indication of unsatisfactory progress toward completion is a failure to maintain a UICB GPA of 3.0. Another is failure to meet a 3.0 UICB GPA for a single term. Note this is above the Graduate College’s standard of 2.75, below which a student is considered to be on academic probation by the Graduate College. 

A student who does not show normal progress toward the degree, or whose GPA as defined above is less than 3.0, is automatically placed in a status of UICB Probation and an Academic Probation committee will be convened. The Academic Probation Committee is composed of the student's academic advisor and one other faculty member appointed by the Director. Its task is to assist the student in overcoming academic problems. The student is allowed one semester in which to bring their GPA (as defined above) up to the 3.0 level, or to make substantial progress toward bringing their GPA up to 3.0, while making normal progress toward the degree. The Academic Probation Committee will establish the conditions that must be met for a student to be removed from UICB Probation status and will determine whether or not these conditions have been met. Failure to meet the conditions set forth by the Academic Probation Committee shall result in dismissal from the UICB MFA Program.