Our Paper Research and Production Facility located on the UI Oakdale Campus is the Center’s professional complement to the Papermaking Classroom in 29 North Hall. At the Oakdale facility, Tim Barrett and student co-workers produce European and Japanese-style handmade papers for use in the care and conservation of rare books and works of art on paper. Tim also oversees research efforts that are typically focused on production innovations or the stability and other characteristics of historical papers.

Directions from North Hall:

Leave the Parking ramp and head South on Madison St.
Turn Right at the first stop light onto Iowa Ave.
Turn Right at the next stop light onto Riverside Dr. (This turns into 2nd Ave)
Turn Right at Coral Ridge Ave (IA-965).
Go under the interstate and turn right at the second stoplight onto Holiday Rd.
Take the first Left onto Holiday Ct. This dead ends and you must turn Left onto Crosspark Rd.
The UICB Paper Facility is on the Left side; it is a low red brick building with 3 or 4 garage stalls
here is a small parking pad on the right hand side of the road.
If you get to the water tower you have gone too far.
Paper Facility Number: 319-335-4410

UICB Paper Research and Production Facility Equipment List

For more images of this facility, go here.

25lb Jones beater
2lb Reina beater
3lb Japanese-style naginata beater
3lb Japanese-style stamper beater
Hand beating table and hand beaters

50-200 ton hydraulic press
Standing screw press

24 by 36 inch Japanese mould, 3 su
18 by 24 inch Japanese mould, 2 su
Pair 22 by 30 wove moulds
Pair 22 by 30 antique laid moulds
Pair 18 by 24 wove moulds
Pair 18 by 24 antique laid moulds
Pair Chancery moulds (12.5 by 18 inches)
British sheet mould and press, roll

Various on hand for all mould sizes listed above

Chancery production vat
Papercase production vat
Japanese-style vat for 24 by 36 inch sheets
Japanese/European-style vat for 18 by 24 inch sheets

Sonisys ultrasonic tester
Tracer III XRF spectrometer
ASD UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer
2 MIT fold endurance testers
1 Elmendorf tear tester
2 paper specimen cutters
Hercules sizing tester
Pulmac Zero span tester
Digital scale
2 micro balances
3 hotplates
2 pH meters
Microscope (on loan from UI Geology Dept)

Fl-80 Pekrun flock cutter
Sprout Waldron flat screen and plates
Table saw
Power hand tools
14 foot steam heated dryer for Japanese-style papermaking
180 station marble drying rack for European-style papermaking
Floor scale
European style stamper and mortar pit
2 sets flat file drawers
1 tall flat file
2 short flat files
4 stacks paper shelving
2 desks
Computer and printer
8 Continental industrial rolling waste containers and lids
Misc. plastic tubs, small vats, buckets
300 gallon cold water storage tank
Cooking stove
CSF freeness tester