All second- and third-year MFA students will be assessed an annual general studio use fee at the start of the Fall semester. The fee covers general studio supplies and allows students access for the entire calendar year to any studio in which they have completed a class or been approved for access by the Area Head (Cladis for Papermaking, Langworthy for Letterpress, and Leonard for Binding). The fee is in addition to any class lab fees, and does not cover consumables normally purchased through the UICB studios--raw fiber, photopolymer, book cloth, and so forth.

The fee for AY 2022-23 is:
• $95 for 2nd year MFA students
• $120 for 3rd year MFA students

 (This fee is not automatically applied to Graduate Certificate students; however, they may request access under the same conditions and a fee will be assessed. Direct requests to the Area Head of a specific studio or to the Studio Coordinator.)