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Dates to Remember:

(see ‘Graduation Deadlines’ schedule for particular term dates ie ‘Spring 2023 Graduation Deadlines')

By finals week of the 4th semester.

The student requests a tenured/tenure track faculty member serve as their Degree Committee Chair. Upon the consent of the faculty member(s) to serve, the student begins work on a thesis abstract (see below) and on assembling a full committee of 4 members.

On or before the 2nd Friday, 5th semester.
Committee Members chosen, MFA Committee form signed

The student selects the rest of the Degree Committee. Four members from the Faculty are required: the DegreeCommittee Chair and at least two other UICB affiliated Faculty. Faculty from other departments, Adjunct Faculty, Lecturers, and Visiting Professors may serve on degree committees, per discussion between the student and theDegree Committee Chair. At least two of the committee members must be tenured or tenure track.

Working Abstract (submitted to committee members)

Students may wish to prepare the abstract prior to this date in order to provide potential committee members sense of their thesis plan when requesting their participation on the Thesis Committee.

On or before week 5 of 5th semester

Student holds a meeting with the full Degree Committee.

On or before week 2 of 6th semester.
Plan of Study completed with the UICB Program Administrator (PA)

This completed form needs to be signed by your Committee on or before the 1st day of the 3rd month of your6th semester. See for information on Graduate College requirements for Masters Degree Graduation processes. You will need to make an appointment to fill this out with the PA so please leave adequate time to get this accomplished. You will also complete the Request for Final Examination with the PA at this time.

On or before finals week, 5th semester
Detailed Thesis outline due to all committee members.

Student submits a detailed outline of the written thesis to the committee members.

On or before week 6, 6th semester, 4:30 pm
Application for Degree filed through MYUI online

This must be accomplished by the deadline or you will not be allowed to graduate. Go to to check for exact day, date and time.

On or before week 8, 6th semester

Plan of Study & Final Exam Request due to the Graduate College

Week 9, 6th semester
Final Draft of completed written thesis due to your committee.

The final draft of your thesis must be as complete as possible including figures (images). If you need to provide placeholder images in some instances, they must be a close as possible to the expected final version. our committee will provide feedback within one week of the Final Examination.

Weeks 6 –13, 6th semester
Thesis exhibit and final defense with Committee Member

This defense will be held during the week the thesis work is on exhibit and will be a discussion of both the exhibited work and the written thesis.

Week 13, 6th semester
Final Examination

This is your final meeting with your committee. This meeting is to

  • to make any recommendations for changes to the written thesis.
  • sumbit thumb drive with 10-20 images of thesis work.
  • to sign graduation paperwork.

After obtaining the Certificate of Approval signatures at the meeting, deposit the signed copy with the Graduate College (205 Gilmore Hall) on or before the Final Thesis Deposit deadline.

Week 14, 6th semester
Final Exam Report Due to Graduate College

You will submit your Final Exam paperwork to the Graduate College (205 Gilmore Hall).

Week 15, 6th semester
Final Deposit of Thesis due at the Graduate College, 205 Gilmore Hall

You will submit your thesis to the Graduate College via ProQuest. More information about the process—and information about copyright, fees, and submitting your public abstract—can be found here. Your committee members will approve your final draft through an emailed workflow process. Check for exact day, date and time.The registrar’s calendar may prove helpful at: