Thursday, May 18, 2023

Masami Igarashi and Hideaki Taki came to the UICB for 2 full weeks for an immersive papermaking residency. Masami and Hideaki hail from Echizen, Japan, an area with over 1,500 years of hand papermaking history. While at the UICB, they joined papermaking classes, gave a lecture, participated in an outdoor Japanese papermaking festival, met faculty for meals and at a Special Collections visit, and and made large-format pulp paintings at the UICB’s Oakdale Papermaking Research Facility. They even participated in Earth Day festivities on the Old Capitol grounds!

Both Masami and Hideaki enjoyed Iowa City and our students. They repeatedly mentioned how visiting Iowa was their favorite trip abroad so far, and how meaningful it was for them to see so many creative people in such a small area. They were also impressed that the University of Iowa has not one, but two, papermaking studios, and enjoyed the flexibility of our Oakdale space.

Masami and Hideaki were warm, patient, and active during their stay, creating meaningful bonds with students and faculty alike. These residencies further cemented the UI Center for the Book’s relationship with Echizen and its community of makers.

Many thanks as well to UICB students, faculty, and staff for their generosity and willingness to participate.

Funding for the residencies and Major Projects Award provided by the generous support of the Stanley-University of Iowa Foundation Support Organization, the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, and the UI School of Art and Art History.