Monday, October 8, 2012
Check out The Tiny Gallery, UICB's new exhibition space

The Tiny Gallery is a new University of Iowa Center for the Book exhibition space located on the ground floor of North Hall. Monthly exhibits will feature new work from UICB faculty, staff, and students on a variety of themes. Please check out the exhibition schedule for upcoming events.


History of the Book exhibition statement:

Through examining the history of the book, we see how materials, production methods, and the structures themselves have changed radically from antiquity-era wax tablets to our twenty-first century digital-print-on demand paperbacks. What unifies these structures, though, is civilization’s enduring desire to communicate through tangible texts. The University of Iowa Center for the Book is an interdisciplinary program, which bridges training in the technique and artistry of bookmaking with research into the history and culture of books. At the UICB students learn a range of structures and methods, including historical bindings, moveable & sculptural books, hand-printed bookmaking, and digital book & publication design. In this exhibit on the history of the book you will see a short list of significant structures developed over the last twenty-five centuries. The artists featured in this exhibit are: Islam Aly, Elizabeth Boyne, Anne Covell, Cody Geiselman, Maggie Heineman, Jill Kambs, Kim Maher, Katharina Siedler, Kalmia Strong, and Mary Sullivan.


2012-2013 Tiny Gallery Series

October 1-31                      History of the Book Exhibit

November 1-30  ’13          Winter Term & Spring Semester Preview

December 1-January 7     UICB Faculty & Staff Showcase

January 7-Jan 31               History of Paper Exhibit

February 1-28                     History of Letterforms Exhibit

March 1-31                         History of Print Exhibit

April 1-30 2013                  Summer Term & Fall Semester Preview

May 1-17                             UICB Graduating Certificate Student Showcase


***Located in the University of Iowa Center for the Book on the basement level of North Hall***