Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Co-sponsored by University Libraries Preservation & Conservation Department

and the UI Center for the Book

Session Host, Gary Frost, UI Conservator Emeritus


Session 1. Book Studies - the future of books projected from a historical perspective

September 5, 1:30-3:00pm, Main Library, 2nd Floor Conference Room 

Have the drastic adaptations of books to historical change confirmed the good chance that they will bounce back from the digital disruptions? We will look between the binaries of media and intellectual history. 

This session will reflect on the way we capture and present information on leadership and governance. Presidential libraries are not “libraries” in the conventional sense of the term. These federally funded institutions include research centers, museums, educational experiences, public forums and, of course, collections of books on selective presidents and periods of US history. The session will tap into the expertise of three archivists from the Hoover Presidential Library and will generate a discussion of how we think about the preservation of both published and unpublished information in both the present and also well into the future.

Specialist speakers: Tim Walch (emeritus), Matt Schaefer, Craig Wright, Hoover Presidential Library “The Book and the Box: Changing Collections as Reflected by Presidential Libraries”.  Suggested reading: explore the SHARP site - http://www.sharpweb.org. Also review:http://www.archives.gov/presidential-libraries/

Session 2. Current Book Technology- the future of books projected from current product and technology developments

September 12, 1:30-3:00pm, Main Library, 2nd Floor Conference Room 

Infiltration into current book production industry is as challenging as infiltration into the academe of book studies. The interplay of commerce, mass marketing, narrow-casting fandom and the frenzies and sophistication of book production and the churn of technologies of book-on-demand and integrated delivery of print and screen formats all open out into specialized professions.

Specialist speakers: Jan Weissmiller, Prairie Lights Book Store will discuss the customer base of independent bookstores and implications for book formats and forums and book centric commerce. Brian Baird, Vice President of Bridgeport National Bindery will discuss and illustrate current print-on-demand technologies and their relevance for academic book publishing.

Suggested reading; Lurk at TeleRead, a blog on e-book prospects, that scrolls daily, with excellent journalism, http://www.teleread.com