Artist Talk with Yves Leterme

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Yves Leterme spent more than twenty years trying to influence the lives and thoughts of young Brugean adolescents by reading and explaining the works of Virgil, Plato, Cicero and the likes. But since even Latin grammar fails to keep a man happy and satisfied for a whole lifetime, he now devotes all his time and energy to the fine art of calligraphy. Being a freelance calligrapher he continuously shifts from various commissions (lettering and artistic works) to artwork for exhibitions and galleries. In recent years, he has frequently taught in Europe, America, Canada, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Already at an early stage he devoted a lot of time developing his gestural style, for which he has gained international acclaim. Other typical features are his carefully drawn capitals and unusual compositions on richly textured backgrounds.

Throughout the years, Yves' work has been selected for inclusion in many juried shows and his artwork can be found in museums and private collections all over the world. He's the author of Thoughtful Gestures, the first book on gestural writing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 6:30pm
North Hall
20 Davenport Street, Iowa City, IA 52245
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