UICB Certificate students are categorized as “Stand Alone” and “Concurrent.” Stand Alone UICB Certificate students are enrolled in the UICB with the certificate as the sole credential sought. Concurrent UICB Certificate students are working towards a primary degree at the University of Iowa, typically an MA, MFA, or Ph. D while they also earn the UICB credential. Maximum number of UICB credit hours: The maximum number of credit hours is 30 s.h. This total number applies to both Stand Alone and Concurrent UICB Certificate students Time-to-Completion: The UICB Certificate must be completed in twelve semesters, or six years of coursework. After a Certificate student reaches 30 s.h. or the maximum allowed number of semesters, the student will be graduated from the UICB program. If the student has not met the requirements of the credential at this time: the student will be authorized to enroll only in coursework which completes the requirements, or will be asked withdraw from the program.