SAAH Studio Art MFA + UICB Graduate Certificate

Students may wish to earn the School of Art and Art History MFA(link is external) in a studio art area (printmaking, drawing and painting, design, etc.) in combination with the 18 s.h. graduate certificate in book arts/book studies offered by the UI Center for the Book.

Students must apply to both programs. If accepted they will be advised and will matriculate through both programs independently, however, many if not all of the 18 s.h. of elective credits required for the SAAH MFA may be earned as coursework required for the UICB certificate. Thus it is possible to earn both credentials in the same amount of time required for the SAAH MFA alone by pursuing this option. Admissions advisors in both units will help interested students discern whether the UICB MFA or the SAAH MFA + Certificate double credential package is most appropriate to their background and career goals. In large part this will be determined by the degree to which books and book arts are central to the applicant’s chosen path.