UIBC Faculty Member Interviewed by Red Butte Press

UICB faculty member Sara Langworthy was recently interviewed for the This Book Is Now blog, curated by Red Butte Press at the University of Utah. This Book Is Nowshowcases the art of the book by “documenting the varied life cycles of handmade books—how they develop from murky, inchoate concepts into full-fledged objects." The aim of This Book is Now is twofold: to "record the production stages of whatever book is currently under construction at Red Butte Press, and [… to] present process notes and images from contemporary artists engaged in the art of the book.” Previous UICB interviewees include Lexi Janezic, Radha Pandey, and Leslie Smith.

To view Sara’s interview, chick here (https://thisbookisnow.lib.utah.edu/sara-langworthy-is-working-on-a-book-that-has-something-to-do-with-the-stars/)

You can also check out the interviews of Lexi (https://thisbookisnow.lib.utah.edu/alexandra-janezic-tallgrass/), Radha (https://thisbookisnow.lib.utah.edu/radha-pandey-thinking-water/), and Leslie (https://thisbookisnow.lib.utah.edu/mind-memory-leslie-smith/).