Kozo Tissue and Minter Dry-Tear Guard Strips




Minter Dry-Tear Guard Strip: The result of an inventive suggestion by bookbinder Bill Minter, who asked if we could produce a sheet from which guard strip could be torn dry, without the need to prewet, fold, or score. Watermarked lines divide each MDTGS sheet into areas 7mm widths.




Kozo Tissue White: An off-white mending tissue made from Japanese Nasu kozo white bark. This paper has fine fibers and a slight crispness.


KT-LG Kozo Tissue Light Green


Slightly darker in tone, KT-LG is made from a different variety of Japanese kozo stock. Note that the color is due to natural constituents in the bark and may change with time.


Paper Weight & Quality


We strive to make all our paper of the highest quality and consistency. Due to the handmade nature of the paper there can sometimes be variations in color, weight, size and quality. Therefore all papers are classified by first, second, or broke quality and light, regular, or heavy weight. Samples in the specimen packet generally represent first quality, regular weight paper. Our regular weight paper is .006 – .008 inch thick for book papers

Second quality sheets have minor defects, and up to 20% of the sheet may be unusable due to imperfections. Broke sheets have major defects (poor sheet formation, excessive knotting, poor couching, foreign matter) but may prove useful for dummy text blocks, practice or experimental work, collage, and other artistic projects.




To have more time to make paper and to spend less time filling orders, we have instituted a $100 minimum for direct orders. Please contact Talas (212) 219-0770 for all orders below this minimum.

For orders above $100, confirm availability of the paper(s) you want before you generate purchase orders or send payment; contact us by mail, email, or phone. Invocies may be paid by check, Mastercard, or Visa. International orders may be paid by international money order or credit card. For custom orders and orders over $200, we require a 50% deposit.


Paper Pricing


Paper Type 1st 2nd Broke
MDTGS 12.00 10.00 6.00
KT-W & KT-LG 12.00 10.00 6.00

Specimen sets are available by sending e-mail to Handmade Paper

Contact us for special orders.

Quantity Discounts (not available on custom orders):

  • 51–100 sheets 5% discount
  • 101–500 sheets 10% discount
  • 501+ sheets 15% discount

Domestic orders are shipped via FedEx:

Shipping Prices

$1 - 25 $25 - 100 $100+
8.00 10.00 15.00


5% sales tax is added to orders shipped to Iowa addresses. International Shipping – Contact us for a quote.